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Second Unit Calculator

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Use our calculator below to help estimate the costs, returns, and benefits associated with building an ADU.

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This calculator is an educational tool and not a substitute for professional advice.

Second Unit Basics

New construction includes both attached
and detached second units.

Conversion of part of house means
taking existing living space, e.g. a
basement or part of the house, and
turning it into a second unit.

Modular/panelized are built partially
or entirely off site and delivered
to the property.
If you change the number of bedrooms,
be sure to adjust the square footage accordingly
Required message
{{myForm.ADU_Sqft.$viewValue}} is below 150 sqft minimum
{{myForm.ADU_Sqft.$viewValue}} is above maximum sqft of {{ADU_Sqft_Max}} in {{Jurisdiction}}
Unit sizes vary significantly,
but typical square footage is:
Studio : 400 sqft

1 Bedroom : 600 sqft
2 Bedroom : 800 sqft
3 Bedroom : 1,200 sqft
Different levels of interior quality
(e.g. countertops, flooring, etc.) affect
the final construction price. Please choose
the interior quality that best matches your
planned construction.

Low cost: Rental quality. Entry level
appliances, low cost carpet, etc.

Standard: Typical for San Mateo County,
which means generally high quality. Stainless
steel appliances, solid countertops, a mix of
carpet and hardwood or tile.

High cost: Assumes the top end of anything
generally available at major retailers, ceramic
tile floors, etc. Costs would be higher if, for
example, you used a custom cabinet maker.
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{{myForm.Construction_Cost.$viewValue}} is below $50,000 minimum
{{myForm.Construction_Cost.$viewValue}} is above $700,000 max
Individual site conditions can significantly
affect construction cost. The most common
reason construction is more expensive is
building on a hillside, but there are
many other potential challenges.

Rent and Financing

Required message
{{myForm.Loan_Term.$viewValue}} is below 1 year minimum
{{myForm.Loan_Term.$viewValue}} is above 30 year max
Typical loans are 20 years or less.?
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{{myForm.Loan_Interest_Rate.$viewValue}} is above 7% max
Check with your local bank for today's rates?
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${{myForm.Cash_Investment.$viewValue}} exceeds the ${{Cash_Investment_Max}} construction costs
Consider pricing your unit so a teacher or
nurse can afford it. You'll be helping the
community and they make great tenants!
Required message
{{myForm.Rent.$viewValue}} is below $700 minimum
{{myForm.Rent.$viewValue}} is above $7,115 max
Managing a second unit means finding a
tenant and doing repairs as necessary.
Typical costs to hire someone for
this are 5% of the rent.
There have not been enough second units
built to accurately estimate how much
it is likely to increase the value of
a house. The calculator assumes the
increase will be a multiple of the
rent. See assumptions below
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{{myForm.Increased_Value.$viewValue}} is above 600,000 max

Advanced Features

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{{myForm.Rent_Inflation.$viewValue}} is below 1% minimum
{{myForm.Rent_Inflation.$viewValue}} is above 10% max
Required message
{{myForm.Tax_Rate.$viewValue}} is below 1% minimum
{{myForm.Tax_Rate.$viewValue}} is above 1.5% max
Look up your tax rate at
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{{myForm.Insurance_Rate.$viewValue}} is above 1% max
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{{myForm.Years_Occupied.$viewValue}} is below 1 year minimum
{{myForm.Years_Occupied.$viewValue}} is above 120 year max
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{{myForm.Weeks_to_Occupy.$viewValue}} is above 8 week max
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{{myForm.Management_Rate.$viewValue}} must be above 0% minimum
{{myForm.Management_Rate.$viewValue}} is above 10% max

There is an unexpected number in
the information you've provided. Please review and update to see results.


{{Rent - Monthly_Costs[0] | currency : usd : 0}}

Monthly Income After Expenses

{{Rent | currency : usd : 0}} monthly rent and {{Monthly_Costs[0] | currency : usd : 0}} monthly costs
Hover over chart for monthly cost breakdown

Construction Costs

The cost to build your Second Unit is estimated at {{Total_Development_Cost/ADU_Sqft | currency : usd : 0}} per square foot with a total cost of {{Total_Development_Cost | currency : usd : 0}}.
Hover over chart for construction cost breakdown. Hard costs cover constructing the second unit, both labor and materials. Soft costs are things like architects. Fees are charged by the city.
{{Years_Investment_Recovered | number : 0}}

Years to earn back your cash investment

You will recover your initial cash investment of {{Cash_Investment | currency : usd : 0}} in {{Years_Investment_Recovered | number : 0}} years (excluding outstanding loan balance and increased value of house).
{{Years_ADU_Recovered | number : 0}}

Year Return on Investment

Once you account for the amount remaining on your loan and the increase in property value, your Second Unit will pay for itself in {{Years_ADU_Recovered | number : 0}} years.

Increase in Home Value

Your Second Unit will increase your home value by approximately {{Increased_Value | currency : usd : 0}}, assuming the value increases by 8-9 times the yearly rent.
Year 10
Year 20
Year 30
Property value increase
from second unit
{{Increased_Resale_Value[9] | currency : usd : 0}}
{{Increased_Resale_Value[19] | currency : usd : 0}}
{{Increased_Resale_Value[29] | currency : usd : 0}}
Rent collected (cumulatively)
{{Cumulative_Gross_Income[9] | currency : usd : 0}}
{{Cumulative_Gross_Income[19] | currency : usd : 0}}
{{Cumulative_Gross_Income[29] | currency : usd : 0}}
Cumulative net income
(rents minus costs)
{{Cumulative_Net_Income[9] | currency : usd : 0}}
{{Cumulative_Net_Income[19] | currency : usd : 0}}
{{Cumulative_Net_Income[29] | currency : usd : 0}}
Future monthly rents
{{Gross_Rental_Revenue[9]/12 | currency : usd : 0}}
{{Gross_Rental_Revenue[19]/12 | currency : usd : 0}}
{{Gross_Rental_Revenue[29]/12 | currency : usd : 0}}
Monthly costs
{{Monthly_Costs[9] | currency : usd : 0}}
{{Monthly_Costs[19] | currency : usd : 0}}
{{Monthly_Costs[29] | currency : usd : 0}}
Annual tax increase
{{-Property_Tax[9] | currency : usd : 0}}
{{-Property_Tax[19] | currency : usd : 0}}
{{-Property_Tax[29] | currency : usd : 0}}
Average annual return on investment (just using rent)
{{(Gross_Rental_Revenue[9]/12 - Monthly_Costs[9]) / Cash_Investment * 100 | number : 1}}%
{{(Gross_Rental_Revenue[19]/12 - Monthly_Costs[19]) / Cash_Investment * 100 | number : 1}}%
{{(Gross_Rental_Revenue[29]/12 - Monthly_Costs[29]) / Cash_Investment * 100 | number : 1}}%